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How to diagnosis naval corona virus covid-19

Confused with Ct value in Covid19 RT-PCR test?

Amrita Health | Apr 9 '21 |

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Ct value (Cycle threshold) in RT-PCR test of covid-19 is the parameter to determine the level of Viral RNA in the sample. Ct value does not determine the seriousness of the disease but is only correlated to the viral load in the body. Moreover, it highly varies depending on many factors such as RT-PCR kit, technician expertise in sample...

Common test for Covid19

Amrita Health | Apr 9 '21 | Comments: 3 |

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RT-PCR  Reverse Transcriptase – Polymerase Chain Reaction detects the genetic material of the Covid19 virus. Sample: Nasopharyngeal swab (sample collected from nostrils) / oropharyngeal swab (sample collected from the throat). Sensitive, specific, reliable, and the result may take 1-3 days depending on the diagnostic...